What we do

The Yuba County Sheriff's Women's Posse is a 100% volunteer organization and is funded exclusively by donations, fund raisers, and grants from the community. We serve the Yuba County Sheriff's Department and the community by participation in search and rescue operations, provision of aid during times of disaster and sponsorship of, and participation in, community events and activities.

The team operates under the direction of the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office and is activated through the OES (Office of Emergency Services) for search and rescue efforts.

We require members to adhere to a biennial training schedule and trainings must be completed before members will be placed on call and able to participate in missions.

Here are a few of the topics that are covered during our routine trainings: 

  • Land Navigation (including map, compass and GPS)

  • Man Tracking

  • Search Techniques

  • Rope Handling

  • Basic Survival

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Evidence Handling

  • Patient Care and Packaging

  • Radio Communications

  • Incident Command System (ICS)

  • OHV training

  • Equine Training

How we search

YCSWP searches in both urban and rural locations. We use various methods to conduct our searches.


On foot searchers are dispatched from the command post, each unit with a radio and their 24 hour pack. These teams are given maps of the area, an assignment, and a briefing regarding the subject. They search their assigned areas conducting voice calls for the subject, looking for tracks and other clues. These teams can expect to either stay in the field for extended periods, or go through several shorter assignments.


Mounted searchers are used to clear longer, more strenuous assignments. In general, a posse team can clear three times the distance that a ground team can. Members provide their own equines for this method.


OHV searchers perform detailed searches of trail systems and terrain that isn't well-suited to searching on foot. OHV’s are capable of providing stable personnel transport for team members as well as injured or exhausted search subjects and are good for moving equipment and supplies between base camps and forward operating areas. Members provide their own OHV’s for this method.

Mutual Aid

YCSWP also participates in Mutual Aid. Mutual Aid is the term given to situations when neighboring county Search and Rescue teams are asked to assist with a local task.



We strive to play a proactive role throughout the community while being in touch with and responding to the needs of the community. We participate in activities such as community parades and events as well as helping community members in need and sponsoring local groups and organizations. For more information on sponsorship opportunities click here.