Who We Are

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The Yuba County Sheriff's Women's Posse assists the Sheriff's Department and the community via ground, mounted and off highway vehicle search and rescue efforts.

Posse Members intending to actively serve mounted or on off highway vehicles, must be fully qualified via the extended, specific training required.

Additionally, individual Posse mounts are required to be fully qualified via the established training schedule.

Any community member interested in taking an active role in community service is encouraged to apply for membership.

The Yuba County Sheriff's Women's Posse is a 100% volunteer organization.


All Applicants Must:

  • Be a United States Citizen

  • Be 21 Years of Age or Older

  • Be able to pass a Sheriff's Department background check and be willing to be fingerprinted

  • Be of good moral character

  • Have a serious desire to actively participate


For more information contact our
Sheriff's Women's Posse Captain!

The Process

Interested in being a member of YCSWP? The process is outlined below.

  • Contact our Posse Captain & Attend a General Meeting.

  • Fill out Volunteer Application.

  • Interview with Posse Officers.

  • Complete Sheriff’s Department Background Check, Personal History Statement & Live Scan.

  • Official voting in by Posse Members.



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SAR capacities in which members may serve, and the minimum qualifications for service in each specific capacity, are outlined below. Members may qualify to serve in any/all capacities, so long as each qualification is originally earned. 



  • A certified CPR course.

  • An accredited first-aid course.

  • Radio communications training.

  • Map/compass training.


  • Basic Training.

  • A two (2) mile walk.

  • Basic survival training.

  • Basic evidence training.

  • Participate in rope handling.

  • Participate in patient packaging exercises.

Command Post

  • Basic Training.

  • Intro to Command Post Training.

  • Intro to Terrain Navigator Pro Training.

  • Basic Map Segmenting.

  • CP Form Completion and Processing.


  • Basic Training.

  • Loading/strapping and unloading.

  • Riding flat, straight and in turns - both forwards and backwards.

  • Riding uphill and downhill.

  • Backing uphill and downhill.

  • Traversing various terrain (water, sand, mud, etc.); and, traversing obstacles (timber, rocks, etc.).

Mounted Equine –

  • Basic Training.

  • Tie safely out of sight of other horses.

  • Load and unload in various trailer types.

  • Mount and dismount from left and right.

  • Open, pass through, and close a gate.

  • Walk over a bridge.

  • Travel through water.

  • Travel over a large and/or tall obstacle.

  • Back through a designated obstacle.

  • Pull a designated item (tire, log, etc.) both forwards and backwards.

  • Leave a group of mounted members at a trot/lope and return at a walk.

  • Approach, pick up, handle and return items (maps, slickers, etc.) to and from various locations while mounted.

  • “Pony” another horse and be “ponied” by another horse.

  • Demonstrate reasonable, controlled tolerance of loud, abrupt noises.

  • Demonstrate reasonable, controlled tolerance of OHVs.

  • Finish a ten (10) mile ride within the maximum allowable time.

  • Successfully complete “Leap Frog” field training.