The Yuba County Sheriff's Women's Posse is a non-profit group of volunteers. We are funded exclusively by donations, fundraisers, and grants from the community.

We serve the Yuba County Sheriff's Department and the community by participation in search and rescue operations, provision of aid during times of disaster and sponsorship of, and participation in, community events and activities.

Posse Members intending to actively serve mounted or on off highway vehicles, must be fully qualified via the extended, specific training required.
Additionally, individual Posse mounts are required to be fully qualified via the established training schedule




  • 3/2 Snow Survival Training

  • 3/9 Bok Kai Parade

  • 3/11 General Meeting

  • 3/16 13th Annual YCSWP Dinner

  • 3/23 SARTopo Work Group

  • 3/30 Large Animal Rescue Training

  • 3/31 Empire Mine Trail Ride


  • 4/5 SARTopo Work Group

  • 4/8 General Meeting

  • 4/11 CPR Training

  • 4/13 Table Mountain Hike Qualify

  • 4/24 First Aid Training

  • 4/25 SARTopo Work Group

  • 4/28 Spenceville Trail Ride